About Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). We can built you a modern website to be proud of.

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Overview of Our Services

Our company [SEEon.com] is a dedicated web deveolpment firm. Here you'll find our HTML5 design work that we can offer your business. We can build a new site, redesign your old site, manage your site, or guide you to a DIY (do it yourself) service that can still be daunting to find and start.

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Responsive HTML5 Website Design

Having a business website that is well designed, and works on all devices, is essential in this day and age. We can help you get there by building a ❛Responsive❜ Website that can represent your business as it deserves.

Browse below to see some samples and websites that we've put together so you can experience what we can do for your business with designs built in HTML5 and CSS3 code.

Managing Your Website Online

Running your business takes enough of your time, and trying to maintain and update a website takes away from running the actual business. We can help you by managing your website for you with maintenance and updates as needed.

We can work with your current setup, a DIY (do it yourself) service that you're using, or let us run the website you had us design for you. We can also add new sections and even animations to the site.

Professional Online Business Consulting

Need a helping hand, guidence, or direction in what to do with your online presence? We can provide consulting assistance for your business with the hard choices you may be facing on what path you should take your web identity on.

This service is especially useful for the DIY (do it yourself) entrepreneur that may need advice on choosing a service that will work best for their business needs.

CSS3 Animation Creations

We can create web animations with CSS3 coding so it can play in all devices where Flash does not. Animations can give a static website more life and visual appeal to better convey, or highlight, a message or idea you have.

You can also go beyond, or relpace, the typical slider you see on most sites to tell a more engaging story that will benefit from better movement and flow @ AnimatedWeb.works.

Your BIZ Can Offer FREE Apps

Give your business more exposure by offering Apps for FREE from your business! The Apps can be a free gift to your customers and prospects that they can also share with others that can spread in a viral fashion online.

You can offer Single Apps, our our Multi Apps that have many different types all in one for better variety and value for your business. Explore more about Apps and order @ eBestApps.com

  FREE Apps!  

Your BIZ can offer Your Own Apps to your Customers & Prospects to get More Exposure for your Business Brand !

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Drive more attention to messaging & actions with an info bar like this.

Info Bar for Messaging & Actions

This is a far better tool for attention than those forced pop-ups that many sites push to usually try to offer deals with an email sign-up. Truth is most people hate those kind of tactics, and don't like pop-ups not clicked on. Give your users the message without annoying them!

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